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The Origin of Himalayan salt

Here at Himalita – The Authentic Himalayan Salt, we have an intense passion for anything and everything Himalayan salt! With the vast amounts of information on our site, we have created an index below with the most relevant topics related to our authentic Himalayan salt products.  As you will see, it is so amazing and versatile that it can be used to create delicious meals, add a soothing touch to your decor or use it as an incredibly powerful and effective tool in all kinds of home remedies.

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Himalayan Salt Table of Contents:

Himalayan salt: This wonderful product contains 84 minerals which are know to be essentials to humans. Due to this amazing mineral content, this pure crystal salt is able to balance your pH, regulate blood pressure and stabilize glucose levels in diabetics just to mention a few. Also, this crystal salt is the main component in the production of many other products. Below, you will find a list with a link to each of the products that are created using authentic Himalayan salt. Read more »

Himalayan salt

Himalayan salt lamp: These amazing salt lamps will light your room with beautiful and lovely colors ranging from pure white to orange and red. Also when light, these incredible lamps have the ability to produce negative ions which are known to be essential in maintaining good health. Many people claim that these lamps are able to reduce morning depression, autism, allergy reactions due to dust mights and particles coming from the heater or conditioner, asthma symptoms in general and even snoring. The main characteristic of these salt lamps is its ability to counteract free radicals (positive ions) produced by computers, TV’s, stereos, heaters and air conditioning units. That is why we recommend to have one of these powerful lamps in each room of the house. Read more »

Himalayan salt lamp

Himalayan salt inhaler: Another amazing product which relies 100% in the power and the purity of the himalayan salt crystal. The dry salt inhaler has recently been featured on the Dr. Oz show and was also branded as one of Alternative Medicine’s 2010 best new products. This product is specially good for those  suffering of seasonal allergies,  and asthma. The Himalayan salt inhaler is able to bring you all the benefits of the Himalayan salt caves (Halotherapy / Speleotherapy ) to the comfort of your home.  Many people claim they have stop using their asthma puffers after using the Himalayan salt inhaler as instructed. Read more »

Himalayan salt blocks: Amazingly the same culinary salt that is used to spice your food, is also used to create hand-crafted cookware such as mortar & pestle spice jars, bowls, plates and salt blocks. The most functional is the salt block, as it can be used to either  serve cold or sizzling hot appetizers. Now-a-days, high end restaurants are enchanting their guest with dishes served and/or cooked table side on  salt blocks (cooking planks). We have taken the time to create a section catering to how to cook using the Himalayan salt block, tips, fabulous recipes and more. We encourage you to submit your recipes and share them with our online community. Read more »

Himalayan salt for healing: Due to its 84 minerals, the Himalayan salt is able to produce incredible health benefits for the perfect home remedy. After many years of being in the business, we have produced an extensive library of home remedies and recipes that can be used to heal certain conditions naturally. Some of the healing benefits of Himalayan salt include:

  • Balance blood sugar levels
  • Used as a eczema treatment
  • Used as a psoriasis and acne home remedy
  • Used as a digestive disorder treatment
  • Helps treating muscle cramps
  • It’s the best supplement for cardiovascular health
  • Helps prevent cavities
  • Used as an ear infection treatment
  • Used as a foot fungus treatment
  • Used as a motion sickness treatment
  • Used as a sore throat remedy
  • Used as a menstrual cramps salt bath remedy
  • Used as a prevent headaches
  • Used to prevent sinus congestion
  • Naturally restores pH balance in the body
  • Used to reduce cellulite
  • Used to reduce high blood pressure
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Himalayan salt bath: 100% organic and pure, Himalayan salt baths are known to detoxify your entire body from impurities and harmful toxins. Also, due to its 84 minerals, it will revitalize and nourish your skin helping it regain its natural elasticity and moisture. Studies state that regular Himalayan salt baths could also help reduce tension and stressed trapped inside the muscle, which is believed to have a positive impact in muscle spasm and muscle cramps. Read more »

Himalayan salt soap: This amazing salt possesses a rejuvenating and detoxifying effect on your skin. It helps by clearing up any skin unbalances which include acne, eczema, as well as skin psoriasis by maintaining a healthy pH balance. Read more »

Himalayan salt deodorant: This organic salt deodorant can be used for many things. This product is perfect for those who are considering a organic deodorant . This natural deodorant is definitely better than the alum stone. Read more »

Himalayan salt Sole: Sole provides your body with all the powerful energy contained inside every salt crystal. Your body can retain this energy for a full day. Sole will supply your body with 84 vital minerals restoring electrolytes. The salt sole can balance the pH (alkaline /acidity) in the body and help normalize blood pressure. Read more »

Himalayan salt detox: Our product can help you detoxify your entire body in many different ways. For example: Sole is so powerful that it will detoxify your body from the inside out by eliminating harmful toxins trapped in your joints and cells. You can use the foot detox blocks to eliminate heavy metals from flowing trough your system. Also, another way to detoxify your body is to make use the himalayan salt bath. Read more »

Himalayan salt nasal: A very hot topic. Many people are sick and tired of using nasal sprays in order to be able to breathe better.  Nasal sprays that fight nasal congestion are known to solve the issue momentarily but if used in excess can lead to worsening of the condition. Luckily, there are 3 organic ways that you can use to regain your normal breathing functions:

  1. You can make use of our nasal irrigation tool called Neti pot.
  2. You can make use of our dry salt inhaler via your nose.
  3. You can use Sole solution and dilute it in water 1/100 and inhale the steam.
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Himalayan salt therapy: This is a natural treatment for respiratory diseases. This is a therapeutic technique reproduced from the holistic treatment called Speleotherapy which stands for microclimate aerosol treatment. This therapy consists in exposing a patient for extended periods of time to the particular micro-climate that salt mines produce under a controlled environment. Read more »

Himalayan salt wholesale: In this section you will be able to find all of our drop-shipping and wholesale products. Keep in mind for drop-ship and wholesale orders, we require you to obtain a free membership. This will help us keep track of your sales and also provide our customers with better customer service. Should you have any questions or concerns about our wholesale products, please do not hesitate to contact us. Read more »

Himalayan salt news reports: Here you will find tons of TV news reports that talk about the  salt mines’ origin and how the halite salt crystals were discovered. Also, you will see a in-depth overview of the actual salt mines  we at Himalita – The Authentic Himalayan Salt use. Read more »

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