Himalayan Salt Lamp Benefits

Himalayan salt lamps by sizes and coverage

This chart will help you calculate the best size lamp for your home or work. Himalayan salt lamps benefits coverage range calculator.

Himalayan Salt Lamp and Negative Ions:

A Himalayan salt lamp can improve the air quality in your house and reduce asthma attacks and allergic reaction fast and naturally!

Most of us reside as well as are employed in environments focused on technology; computers, television sets, copiers, printers, microwaves, air conditioning units and heating units, simply to mention a few. These types of so called “conveniences” give off high levels of positive ions in the air all of us breathe, which could lead to physical and mental fatigue and it also impact your overall wellness. By far the most hazardous degrees of positive ions exist in POLLUTED towns and cities. Exhaust gases from automobiles, trucks, and buses; manufacturing plant smoke, tobacco smoke, dust and soot, along with electromagnetic air pollution virtually all blend to produce a strong combination of POSITIVE IONS and a reduced ozone which progressively damages the lungs and destroys our health and well-being.

You probably have realized that your own sense of wellness is actually more intense in natural mountain air, or perhaps on the seaside, or even following a thunderstorm. This really is because of the greater concentration of negative ions in those environments. It’s no coincidence that therapeutic health spas tend to be situated in regions having foaming salt water or roaring mountain springs that produce abundant negative ions which in turn causes air particles to attain electrical or ionic harmony.

Himalayan Salt LampsHimalayan salt lamps are extremely well suited for everyday use within the entire home, in bedrooms, living rooms, dining areas, hallways, meditation rooms, near televisions and computers, or anywhere people smoke. Make use of these wonderful lamps around workplaces to lessen fatigue, Himalayan salt lamps can reduce the consequence of all that radiation and also beautifies the atmosphere of the work space. It increases ones concentration and refreshes one as a result of eliminating the consequences of the unnatural environment. Utilize the lamp inside waiting rooms to produce a calming environment, during therapeutic massage, as well as any place else you would like to regain or simply keep the pure quality of air.

The advantage of ionizers is definitely well recognized. Although the majority of ionizers in the marketplace are artificial devices, the salt crystal lamp is really a gorgeous option of our mother earth, with virtually no sound and without damaging the OZONE!

European people have already been conscious of the health advantages of salt for decades, and individuals experiencing persis

Himalayan Salt lamp

tent congestive difficulties visit centers situated in salt mines for the purpose of therapy. It’s known as SPELEOTHERAPY. The really dry, negative ion-rich atmosphere of such salt mines assists to clear out a patient’s bronchial tubes and sinuses, as well as destroy bacteria along with other microbes.

We recommend: Small or medium Himalayan Salt lamp for a beautiful night-light. Since the lamp is passive rather than fan-driven, the actual distance of negative-ion output is restricted. The large lamp is highly “therapeutic” out over approximately 10 feet, and a common “medium” lamp out over roughly several feet. From then on, any beneficial impact falls off rather quickly. Simply because negative ions are actually high-energy packets, its range of air travel could expand out over many yards. Typically the lamp ought to be regarded as efficient just for the room that it is placed.

In order to receive the most of the Himalayan salt lamp benefits please take in consideration the following information:

The lamp has a range of reach. This means that even though a lamp is “ON” and heated, you might not be receiving all possible benefits if you aren’t within the lamp’s reach.

How much radiation exposure does your family normally get every day?

Radiation ExposureA TV or computer system monitor’s electromagnetic field is within roughly 100-160Hz zones. Your brain waves on the other hand, generate just 8Hz, in accordance with the Schuman resonance frequency. Consequently, your body is actually subjected to as much as 20 times greater frequency patterns than it’s typically used to. The results of this kind of exposure cause anxiousness, sleeping disorders plus lack of attentiveness or concentration deficiencies. Furthermore, you will have an amount of much more free radicals in your body, considered to be a contributing factor to cancer. Because of this kind of continual contact with different wavelengths, our personal electromagnetic energy field gets imprinted with the wavelengths forced on it, which in turn upsets the natural growth and development of

the cells. Since the atomic framework in the salt, that’s currently neutral, it’s likely that any unnatural frequencies may be harmonized or well balanced from the lit Himalayan salt lamp. Because it functions like an organic amplifier for the resonant frequency of 8-10 cycles in each second, that’s very essential for our own existence. By using a Himalayan salt lamp we are able to alter and reduce the effects of electromagnetic wavelengths attributable to electronic products naturally. Simply amazing!

Himalayan salt lamps, do they really work?

The fundamental idea behind a Himalayan salt lamp would be to help detoxify your indoor air and still provide a stylish calming light in your home.

Using some of the most multi-dimensional assessing techniques accessible, globally experiments have demonstrated how crystal salt lamps can boost the volume of negative ions introduced into your indoor air.

Himalayan salt lamps mechanism:

It’s simple… a warmed Himalayan salt lamp

  • Draws in moisture creating the surface of the salt crystal to get damp
  • Creates a buildup of ions and eliminates moisture out of your indoor air
  • Binds unnecessary positive ions using their negative ions
  • Assists to reduce the effects of the “electro-smog” or EMF in your air and minimizes allergens and irritants
  • Produces a soothing effects for you from multicolored salt crystals

To be more specific, 3 natural action key facts are at work when a Himalayan salt lamp is on:

Ionization — The emission of ions is mainly due to the alternating actions of the heated salt’s capacity to

first draw in and absorb moisture, and then evaporate it. The salt dissolves into a solution as it blends with the water molecules.

Sodium, as positively charged ions, and chloride, as negatively charged ions, turn into a neutral state and they are introduced into your indoor air– which will help eliminate pollutants including allergens and irritants out of your air.

Electro-magnetic Oscillation:

Schumann resonance frequency

Himalayan Salt lamps benefits you by harmonizing and stabilizing artificial frequencies
- Schumann resonance frequency -

Each and every form of life on earth depends upon the electro-magnetic field of vibration (referred to as the Schumann resonance frequency). As a result of electronic devices and industrialization, your body obtains artificial electro-magnetic wavelengths with numerous different frequency values.

Due to the neutral atomic structure of Himalayan crystal salt, a heated salt lamp enables you to harmonize and stabilize these artificial frequencies, and reduce the effects of “electro-smog”.

Transparent-crystalline structure developing the light waves — It’s a fact that you need the light waves from the rainbow spectrum (300-700 nanometers) to improve your health and preservation of the body. Your cells are supplied by light with new energy in the form of electromagnetic wavelengths.

The wavelengths of salt crystal colors range inside the higher nanometer zone (600-700 nanometers) — generating beneficial and calming effects.

What’s more — besides the potential in house air improvements and the calming effects that the salt lamp produce…

Personally we enjoy just how a Himalayan salt lamp add elegance to our home and office.

Most people purchase a Himalayan salt lamp because of their magnificence only… and we can certainly realize why from our very own personal experience… these kind of lamps are strikingly appealing.

If you’re seeking to introduce an interesting conversation piece to your home, Himalayan salt lamps are available in numerous therapeutic colors and also shapes, guaranteed to please each and every style.

Himalayan Salt Lamps Benefits List:

  • Helps cleaning and purifying the air pollution in your house (Ionizing Effect)
  • Helps clearing out the bronchial tubes and sinuses and improves sinus congestion
  • Helps to kill bacteria and other air born microbes
  • Helps relieving the symptoms associated with asthma and allergies in general
  • It is a natural dehumidifier
  • Neutralize electromagnetic wavelengths caused by electronic devices
  • The lamp will minimize the effect of all surrounding radiation
  • It’s biophysical characteristics have a positive effect on human’s well-being
  • Brings positive energy and mood into your home or work
  • Promotes relaxation and improve quality of sleep
  • Naturally removes odors from the air (perfect for smoking rooms)

You may use the Himalayan salt lamps in the following scenarios:

Computer Users / In The Office: Place a Himalayan salt lamp close to your PC to help lessen fatigue and EMF (electromagnetic pollution) produced by just about all electrical devices. The salt lamp may also assist in enhancing your awareness.

In Your Home: Place these lamps in sleeping rooms, living spaces, hallways or any place else where you want to create a relaxing, calming atmosphere.

Allergy sufferers: Using a Himalayan salt lamp nearby will emit negative ions into the air which restores and neutralizes air quality, reducing the amount of allergens and thereby creating beautifully pure, clean air.

Feng Shui: A couple of Himalayan salt lamps positioned at strategic areas will improve CHI. A lamp placed in the relationship corner will be beneficial.

Meditation and Yoga: Whenever you meditate in tranquility, a salt lamp close to you has proven to increase your meditative experience.

Massage rooms: A couple of Himalayan salt lamps in your massage therapy room can establish a calming, soothing, and rejuvenating environment.

Natural health practitioners: The beautiful glow of a Himalayan salt lamp inside your consulting studio or therapy room assists in the recovery process and helps to create a calming environment.

Mental health specialist: A couple of salt rock lamps in the waiting room can establish a calming and peaceful atmosphere.

Additionally, The Himalayan salt lamps will:

  • Makes a perfect Fengshui art/decor
  • Makes a perfect conversation piece
  • Makes a perfect memorable gift for birthday’s, wedding’s, anniversary’s

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