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Things to look for when buying salt lamps

Himalayan salt crystal lamps can add a spectacular accent to your home. When we decided to market these products, we in the beginning did it purely on account that we considered these products to be visually stunning. It was not right up until after speaking with those that presented us to these lamps and candle holders that we were informed of their potential physical health benefits.

  • As outlined by several sources, Himalayan salt crystal lamps can benefit you in the following ways:
  • High temperatures coming from the bulb or flames causes the salt to produce negative ions
  • Such negative ions bond to the impurities in the air (positive ions) and neutralize them
  • Additionally, the freshly fused ions come to be heavier and fall to the floor getting rid of all of them from the air flow
  • Additionally, these types of negative ions fight electro-smog a result of electronic devices working inside your home
  • Signs or symptoms from bronchial asthma, allergic reactions, and other diseases can even decrease from the outcome of using our products
  • Briefly, these products sanitize the surrounding air the natural way and they are extremely beautiful

We aren’t specialists and cannot state with certainty the particular documented attributes are utterly correct, but nor can we question them. We have obtained countless calls and e-mails coming from buyers insisting that many of their asthma and allergy symptoms, even apnea concerns, have gone away after having purchased a lamp. Yet again, we are attracted to the actual aesthetic appeal of these all-natural products, yet we are also curious by what we’re finding out from our buyers.

What about the color of the salt lamps?

Salt coloration run in arteries deep inside the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains. The conventional vein colors are usually white, pink, orange, and red. For these reasons, the color of any Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp relies on what vein it was extracted from.

Please consider the following information:

White salt lamps are scarce. A lot of people like white lamps as a result of their rareness as well as since these produce greatest brightness. Other people find them to be far too bright and believe they lack the docile atmosphere of the more prevalent darkish colorings of Himalayan lamps.

Pink salt lamps can be appealing, however be careful if the lamp is too light of a color of pink and if it is breakable and/or if it has darkish spots or even if it has black colored marks on it. This is often a sign the lamp was excavated from an inferior portion of the earth and not from the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains. Stick with richer hues of light red, as it’s usually a sign of a far better lamp.

Bright orange salt lamps are the preferred among people. They appear to produce the warmest light. They’re not exceedingly shiny and never too dark and they are commonly a signal of a quality crystal. They typically stand for the perfect balance in a lamp.

Red salt lamps are usually attractive, but if they are too dark, they’ll filter almost all of the illumination of the bulb and take off from the appeal of the lamp. Let it be known, alternatively, that a few people appreciate darker lamps for their master bedroom, so they are not troubled because of the light source while they sleep and they also will be able to let it sit on all night to experience its ionizing benefits.

The colors of the salt lamps can also impact your mood.

Many people that uses these lamps believed that…

White – represents cleansing, healing and detoxification
Pink - energizes sense of partnership, love and emotion
Orange – helps the neurological system along with stimulates the renal system
Red – energizes circulation and stimulates the heart

What size salt lamps should I buy?

The biggest distinguishing in between salt lamps is how heavy it is. For the most part, the heavier the lamp, the greater it is, and the larger its ionization abilities. The larger the room, the bigger the lamp needs to be. Please note, nonetheless, that additionally to volume deciding the capability of ionization, so does the sheer number of lamps. Spreading several proper-sized lamps throughout a space will yield essentially the most positive results, given that they help to keep the ion transfer in the air the most balanced and effective. Below you will have the weights of our salt lamps as well as their adequate protection areas:

Salt Lamps Sizes
X Small
2-3 lb
3 – 4″
6 x 6 Sq.ft
3-6 lb
4 – 5″
8 x 8 Sq.ft
7-10 lb
6 – 8″
12 x 12 Sq. ft
11-14 lb
7 – 10″
14 x 14 Sq. ft
X Large
15-20 lb
8 – 11″
16 x 16 Sq. ft
XX Large
22-28 lb
11 – 12″
12 – 13″
18 x 18 Sq. ft
32-38 lb
10 – 13″
12 – 14″
22 x 22 Sq. ft
Super Jumbo
42-50 lb
13 – 15″
14 -16″
30 x 30 Sq. ft

Sometimes it is best to purchase a package deal including a number of lamps so that they can be spread out all over your house for ideal charm and purification.

How about the shape of the lamps?

Salt Lamps

Natural Himalayan Salt Lamps

Bowl of Fire Himalayan Salt Lamps

Bowl of Fire Himalayan Salt Lamps

Natural Shape Salt Lamps (pic. 1) – The most popular style. Natural forms are frequently popular with consumers because of their genuine look. Many people enjoy this unaltered appearance.

Crafted Shape Salt Lamps (pic. 2) – An example to a produced lamp will be the popular Bowl of Fire presented above. These types of distinctive models add further style to the home plus look really good when mixed along with the all-natural models through the house.

Any recommendations about the condition of the crystal?

Factors to consider quality can include how well the salt crystal is linked to the base (does it have any breaks within the salt and the wooden base or major chunks exposing the screws?) Also, exactly how the light bulb outlet is inserted inside the drilled hole at the base of this lamp is very important. A top quality lamp power cord mainly possesses spring loaded clips on the side which will implement strain on the inside surfaces of the barrel inside the lamp that are effortlessly pulled out with a slight tug or butterfly clips to the side of the plug that snaps straight into a metallic ring. See pictures below.

This is how some cords & sockets used in salt lamps look like:

The initial picture is of the spring-loaded cable and the next will be of the butterfly cable. We sell each of our lamps combined with UL listed cables.

Himalayan Salt Lamp Butterfly Cable

Butterfly Clip Cable

Himalayan Salt Lamp Clip On Cord

Clip on Cable









Please note that Himalita – The Authentic Himalayan Salt provides everything you require should you consider to buy a lamp from us. We will provide you a cord, a light bulb, and a lamp along with hardwood base attached. Whenever you are given your lamp from us, you have everything you need to start using it right away.

We here at Himalita – The Authentic Himalayan salt took good care and work in providing you, each and every one of our buyers, with this guide. We hope that you found it helpful.

Please visit us at www.AuthenticHimalayanSalt.com. Have a good day!

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