What is Himalayan salt sole solution?

“Salt Sole” The Water of Life!

Salt sole

Salt sole

Exactly where did life initially originate from? – Answer: From the ocean. All the power required to produce life is enclosed within the water from the ocean, a water and salt solution which many of us call Sole (pronounced so-lay) also know as salt sole solution. All the life forms on planet Earth today blossomed from the ocean. It is a process that even today is reflected in the development of a human fetus within the womb. From the day of conceiving onwards, the embryo passes through all the phases of evolutionary growth. Fish-like gills develop soon after five weeks, and then gradually recede. Within this period, two hundred and fifty million years of development are re-enacted – an individual cell evolves into a knowledgeable human being. And where does this unique life begin? In a Sole, i.e. within the amniotic fluid at a temperature of 98.6°F inside the womb, a fluid that is a 1% water and salt solution (1 part salt, 100 parts water). The term Sole has its origins from the word “soul”. The fact is, in ancient times the Celts believed Sole solution symbolized the soul, being the actual fluid from where all of us are born.

Salt Sole solution short story:

Salt is the mediator in between energy and matter. The definition of salt derives from the Latin word, Sal. In earlier period, the Roman soldiers were paid with salt. The Latin word salarium; which means a payment earned in salt, is the root of the word salary. The word sal is synonymous with its root origin, sol, yet again synonymous with Sole, Latin for Sun or Sunrays. Mythologically, and from definition, sole implies “liquid sunlight,” the liquid materialization of the Sun’s energy enclosed into the geometric structure of a cube, able of creating and sustaining life. This fundamentally explains the origin of life on Earth; from the Sole of the primal oceans. Surprisingly, human blood consists of the exact same salty brine solution as those of the primal sea; which is, a liquid composed of h2o and salt. In addition, it has the same concentration as existed during those times when life left the primal sea. This particular salty water streams through more than 56,000 miles of waterways and blood vessels throughout our organism with the forces of gravity and levity which controls and balances each individual function of our body. There can be no thoughts or actions without the presence of salt in the body.

Himalayan Salt Sole

Himalayan Salt Sole Solution

Himalayan salt sole health benefits

Himalayan salt Sole solution is a versatile, physical manifestation of pure light energy; it is the essential mineral infusion for the body. You can restore electrolytes and balance your energy simply and naturally by drinking one teaspoon of salt Sole solution every day. Himalayan salt Sole is a outstanding product to balance pH levels in the body. With the Himalayan Sole solution, you can also eliminate heavy metals from the body including lead, mercury, arsenic, amalgam as well as calcium since the Himalayan salt is able to break-up their molecular structures.

Whenever water and salt connect, the negative poles from the water molecules encircle the positive ions in the Himalayan salt and the negative ions in the Himalayan salt are enclosed by the positive polarized particles of the water molecules. This modifies the geometric structure of the water and the Himalayan salt, and produces something absolutely new, a third dimension: Sole. The water no longer is water and the Himalayan salt no longer crystal salt. The elements have separated themselves from their restrictions, abandoned their polarities because of the resonant effects, and achieved a higher kind of energy. Only through this process of reaching greater levels of consciousness, are we able to relinquish our polarities and return back into the oneness of all elements. This is precisely what transpires whenever water and Himalayan salt meet again after 250,000,000 years. The ability of the water to give up its unique identity, in exchange, liberates the salt from its manifested identity-to overcome the forces of the grid work and to split the sodium from chloride. Both elements are ionized, which frees their stored energy.

The Himalayan salt sole is the secret to wellness

Himalayan salt sole:

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