Himalayan salt vs regular salt

This page talk about how the Himalayan salt compares against the most popular types of salts. There are so many kinds available but we are going to focus our discussion to only the most popular ones.

Himalayan salt vs table salt

Due to industrial developments, all excavated table salt and roughly 89% of sea salt, is usually removed of its natural organic mineral content through a method that “chemically purifies” and also minimizes it to merely sodium and chloride. They accomplish this via a process that heats the salt as high as 1,200°F. Important minerals and trace elements such as calcium, iodine, iron, zinc etc. are regarded as “impurities” and therefore taken out. This process alters the molecular structure of the sodium chloride making it toxic to the body. Also additives such as anti-caking are added boosting the salt’s intense unhealthy profile. Just as popular as iodized salt is to our tables, so are the actual numbers of conditions caused by its use.

The body identifies this particular “chemically cleaned” and “chemically enriched” sodium chloride as an hostile poison and will try to dispose of it as soon as possible.

This causes a consistent overburden on our excretive organs. Present in virtually every preserved product, sodium is utilized as a way to keep the product from spoiling. This is the reason why we have to review just how much salt we eat. Otherwise the body will definitely receive a lot more sodium than it can process. This is when most people begin experiencing health problems problems such as high blood pressure  (hypertension), cardiovascular illnesses, bloating and cellulite.

The body now attempts to isolate the over dose of sodium. During this entire operation, liquid molecules surround the sodium chloride in order to ionize it and neutralize it. As a result of this process, water is extracted from our healthy cells compromising its most valuable H2o in an effort to neutralize the excessive sodium chloride. As a result, the dehydrated body cells die.

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